Hommous And Lamb Grapeleaves  $3.75
Hommous Tawook 3.75
Hommous Kabob 3.75
Lamb or Beef
Hommous And Shawarma 3.75
*Shish Kabob  $3.75
Lamb or Beef
Shish Kafta  $3.75
Chicken or Lamb
Shish Tawook  $3.75
Shish Tawook and Tabbouli  $3.75
Shawarma Sandwich  $3.75
Lamb or Chicken
Ghallaba Sandwich  $3.75
Lamb, Beef or Chicken
Seared Sajji  $3.75
Thin slices of tenderloin lamb meat rolled in bread with pickles & tomato.
Seared Chicken Sajji  $3.75
Thin slices of chicken rolled in bread with pickle & tomato. 


Vegetarian Sandwichwes

Hommous And Vegetarian Grapeleaves  $3.25
Falafel  $3.25
Mjadra  $3.25
Hommous Deluxe 3.49
Hummous, Tabbouli and Falafel
Hommous And Salad  $3.49
Hommous And Spinach  $3.49
Hommous And Tabbouli  $3.49

Super Lunch Combo  $6.95

Any sandwhich, side and soft drink
Mon-Fri 11am-2pm