*Hommous Topped With Lamb $12.99
Hommous Topped With Chicken  $12.99
Hommous Topped With Salmon  $12.99
Hommus Topped With Shrimp $12.99
Arayes  $11.99 

*Kibbee Nayee (Raw)  $11.99
Daily fresh, lean cut of lamb is finely ground and mixed raw with cracked wheat, natural herbs and spices. Top it with extra virgin olive oil and enjoy.
Fried Kibbee  $11.99
Little football shaped kibbee shells stuffed with sautéed ground lamb, sautéed onions, special herbs and spices.
Lamb Grapeleaves   $11.99
Meat Pies  $7.99
Chicken Tenders  $8.99
Shrimp Saute $12.99

Lamb or Chicken Saute  $11.99
Chicken Wings  $8.99
Mediterranean Chicken Wings  $11.99
Flat Bread  $8.99 



Vegetarian Appetizers

Starter Combo  $11.99
Hommous, baba ghannooj and tabbouli.
Hommous Sm: $4.99, Lg: $6.99
Hommous With Veggies $11.99

Spicy Hommous  $7.99
Hommous With Sauteed Pinenuts  $8.99
Baba Ghanooj  Sm:$4.99, Lg:$7.99
Falafel Plate  $11.99
Vegetarian  Grapeleaves $8.99
Vegetarian  Stuffed Grape Leaves   $8.99
Spinach Pies  $6.99
Cheese Sticks  $7.99